Modes of Learning

Asian College of Teachers conducts all teacher training courses in three different modes like online, distance and in-class training. Every training mode has both pros and cons. You may select the mode of learning depending on your need.

Online learning aids to plan out a flexible schedule

Trainees taking any teacher training course from Asian College of Teachers in the online mode can utilize their time effectively as they can plan out a flexible schedule as per their requirements.

You can pursue the online course at your own pace and from any corner of the world as you do not need to travel. You do not have to attend classes at a particular time but you can fix your own schedule. The online mode of learning helps a great deal especially if you are working simultaneously. This will also offer a lot of savings as you do not need to spend on transportation and accommodation to pursue the course while you avail the same certificate with equal credibility.

Online trainees will receive complete support from ACT's administrative as well as academic teams. You will receive a call from the tutor once you enroll in the course and the access to the course materials will be given as an e-link with a unique user id and password. You have the flexibility to resolve their queries via mail and can expect reply from our online tutors within 12 hours. They can also opt for online chat with the tutors between 10 am and 6 pm. You will also have access to videos tailor made for the courses.

Distance learning provides enough flexibility

You can avail any teacher training course from ACT in distance learning mode which has become popular in modern frame of education as it offers flexibility as well.

The distance learning mode gives enough flexibility for learning at your own pace. You will not need to go anywhere or attend any training sessions but you will receive the course material for your lesson. You may consider distance learning mode a cost effective one as well. Moreover, the course adheres to learner centered teaching approach and gives the chance to the trainees to take the course from the comfort of home as there are no constraints on location and timing and it will not include any transportation cost or relocation for pursuing the course. So you will be able to cut off extra cost.

Distance trainees will receive complete support from ACT's admin as well as academic teams. They receive a call from tutors after enrolling and all the course materials along with the videos will be sent via courier at their registered address once they make the payment for the course. Since interaction is essential, the distance education trainees have the flexibility to resolve all their queries via mail and can expect a reply within 12 hours of sending the mail. They can also opt for online chat with tutors between 10 am and 6 pm.

Webinar based learning to interact with your teachers and peers

ACT’s webinars have been designed and developed by our experts who truly believe that no matter what, your learning should not stop. Therefore, when our students are unable to attend our in-class course/classroom sessions, they can easily attend our Webinar based learning. We have come up with webinar sessions where our students across the globe get the opportunity to attend live classes and have live interaction with our facilitators as well as with their peers and also collaborate in activities - all from their home, just with the click of their mouse. You get your learning materials and assignments online and get opportunity to experience the feel of classrooms by interacting with your teachers and peers through online audio-visual classes. In the webinars, there may be multiple expert trainers to facilitate the web sessions and help you with your lessons and assignments and clear your doubts and queries, if any.

  • Save your cost by no longer travelling to attend classes
  • Multiple interactive sessions with our expert trainers & peers
  • Pre-recorded videos of the web sessions if you miss your them
  • Both online assignments as well as assignments given by the trainers
  • Optional Teaching Practice available

In-class learning - the traditional mode of learning

In-class learning is the most traditional and preferred mode of learning as one can experience the training with the tutors and fellow trainees.

Though you need to relocate to another city or it might involve daily commuting to attend the classes if you are from the same city but you will have the opportunity to learn the methods and approaches in a classroom physical environment which affects student learning in a positive manner. Getting a group together allows all of the training and learning to be focused on relevant topics which are followed by real discussions. In-class learning is regular and systematic learning and always has an extra edge as you will be able to interact with the tutors present in front of you. The experience of sharing and support by the tutors and fellow trainees can be extremely motivating.