ACT worldwide

ACT’s strong global presence promises to prepare global educators with its world-class education and has made a mark in the field of teacher training by providing a range of exclusive and specially designed courses which can be pursued from any part of the world.

ACT Worldwide

Asian College of Teachers' in-depth teacher training programs and experienced tutors have allowed it to achieve appreciation in the field of teacher education worldwide. The growth in global education is creating a huge demand for skilled teachers, and thus ACT's main aim is to train expert teachers with the help of its assorted courses, thus upgrading their skills that will be beneficial for them in the relevant field. Going by the popular proverb that says 'A pen is mightier than the sword', the presence of able and effective teachers for imparting knowledge, plays an exceptionally crucial role. ACT's quest on carrying the legacy of its success story has empowered it to derive the wonderful opportunities to train aspirants from South East Asian countries such as Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, Middle East and South Africa. ACT has managed to train more than 50,000+ teachers globally, and hopes to maintain this astounding performance by regularly upgrading its teacher training programs.

As ACT is trying to come up with new and custom made courses for the modern age teachers and education system, it has been facing a speedy growth in the field of international teachers training. The aspirants who wish to derive probable employment opportunities in the relevant sector, is expected to be certified with a trustworthy degree that ACT promises to provide. Applications are showing up from Asia, Australia, New Zealand and America. Furthermore, the comparatively reasonable fees, convenient structuring and the option to choose from a variety of courses, ensure that the aspirants are able to acquire the knowledge and techniques with ample confidence and positivity. In addition, the candidates get the exposure to a multicultural teaching experience that increases their overall intellectual capacity of the courses. Thus, these factors have therefore acted as a further inspiration for international candidates to get enrolled in ACT's courses.