Master The Skills Of Supporting ADHD Students During Online Learning

Attention deficit and hyperactive disorder is a clinical term for those children who have difficulty to self-regulate themselves, resulting from chemical imbalance in the brain. For these students, distance learning has been more difficult in times like this. Parents and teachers can work to provide resources and support to keep up the pace.

How Project-Based Learning Can Promote Empathy

With diversity across the world and people coming together from different cultures, there is a greater emphasis on designing learning to promote empathy and inclusion. Besides collaboration and problem-solving skills, project-based learning can help students build human-driven point of view, know one another from their perspective, and a sense of global community.

5 Mind-Blowing Perks Of Teaching English

Online English teaching as a TEFL educator does comes with a sense of independence. Though the approach of teaching English online differs a lot in comparison to teaching face to face, the opportunity to teach across the world as a TEFL teacher has a lot more to offer than just the possibility to earn money.

Supporting Students To Learn English

There are multiple strategies to motivate students to learn English. Teachers should know what are the strengths and weaknesses of their students. Thus, they can chalk out a plan to teach them in the best possible manner.

Classroom Management Tips For New Teachers

The key approach classroom management is to know one's own strengths and weaknesses and navigate classroom situations with fresh perspectives. Apart from knowing the content knowledge, the tips and tricks on classroom management are useful.

Tech-Savvy Children Are Quite Advanced These Days

This technical era has been so swift that children are aware of using gadgets that use iOS or Android. The technical knowledge of these children is often seemed to be better than many grow-ups. They are more drawn towards the audio-visual format of learning than a normal classroom lecture session. That is why schools are now focusing on imparting knowledge using tools or platforms having a good deal of visual aspect.

VOLT Is A Boon For Learners

VOLT Is A Boon For Learners

There are multiple pros of online classes and virtual online teaching (VOLT) has grabbed the attraction of everyone. Professional training courses have made the impossible happen by developing activities for virtual classes to a great extent.

Employees Need Online Training

6 Vital Genres Where Employees Need Online Training

Corporate trainers are focusing on organizing online learning and online training sessions so that employees develop new skills. The top training programs for employees using online training tools have enabled a reduction in skills gaps.

ESL Lesson Plan

Create Your Perfect ESL Lesson Plan

The time spent on preparing lessons is one of the vital parts for ESL educators. Although it may take a lot of time preparing a successful ESL lesson plan can help teachers to feel confident in the learning environment. This includes three major elements – an objective, some hands-on activities, and the learning materials.

Training in Counseling Techniques

Move On And Get Rid Of Frenemies At Any Cost

This era is extremely competitive and everyone wants to rank the best in any kind of academic or non-academic session. Children do not have the maturity to understand where to set a boundary and where not to. This blog is especially dedicated to teachers who are responsible for counseling students and help them understand the meaning of boundaries.


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