Diploma in Montessori Teachers Training

The main focus of Montessori Teacher Certification Programs in Mumbai is to train the teaching aspirants with the proper knowledge and techniques to teach the young learners in a modernized classroom in present day situation.

About the Course

Asian College of Teacher's Diploma in Montessori Teachers Training is one of the Best Montessori Teacher Training Courses in Mumbai that has been designed for those planning to become Montessori teachers. A Montessori teacher's prime objectives are to prepare a classroom environment befitting the needs of the children so that the children are inspired to learn. Montessori teachers have to realize that every child is a unique individual and understanding his/her uniqueness and allowing one to develop at his/her own pace is one of the primary jobs of a Montessori teacher. This course will impart training in creating environments for young children that enable them to be independent and active. Anyone related to the Montessori teaching or education industry can also consider opting for this course.

Key Information

Course Specialization

Certificate in Montessori Teacher Training Course

The Certificate in Montessori Teacher Training course offered by Asian College of Teachers is a short course that aims to familiarize prospective Montessori teachers with the teaching methodology of the Montessori system. This system differs greatly from other approaches in that it grants children complete freedom within a prepared environment. The Montessori approach to education has long been recognized as an effective teaching strategy that significantly improves children's social, cognitive, and physical development. Our Montessori course is available for online or remote study.

Diploma in Montessori Teacher Training Course

The Montessori Teacher Training Diploma program at Asian College of Teachers covers the tenets and practices of Montessori education, emphasizing the various roles that a Montessori teacher plays in guiding, supporting, and directing her students toward the development of their own abilities. Enrolling in an online Montessori course can assist you in serving not only as a teacher but also as a mentor and astute observer of each child's personal growth and development. The course, which covers the principles of Montessori education, is intended for individuals who wish to become Montessori educators.

Post Graduate Diploma in Montessori Teacher Training Course

The postgraduate diploma in Montessori teacher training offered by Asian College of Teachers is a thorough education focused on the child-centered, child-centered Montessori Method of education, which was created by the internationally recognized Italian physician and educator Dr. Maria Montessori. By giving the kids a ready setting, this online Montessori teacher training essentially supports and highlights the kids' innate desire to learn.

Eligibility and Course Fee

  • Both experienced and aspiring teachers can apply for this course
  • The minimum entry requirement is 10 + 2
  • Instalment payment is conveniently available
  • Meritorious students can avail scholarship options

Teaching and Learning Modes

  • Courses are also available in Online and Distance mode.
  • Diploma course lasts for maximum up to 8 months covering 120 hours
  • Online course can be studied from any part of the world
  • Completion of the course can be done in the fast track mode
  • Candidates can also avail Teaching Practice sessions

Candidates who have reasonable knowledge about computer and familiar with internet can apply for the online mode.


Module -1

  • Phase 1 : Dr Maria Montessori- her Philosophy and Methodology
  • Phase 2 : The Montessori Methodology and Psychology
  • Phase 3 : Exercises of Practical Life
  • Phase 4 : Sensorial
  • Module-2

  • Phase 5 : Language and Story Telling
  • Phase 6 : Language Activities
  • Phase 7 : Mathematics in Montessori
  • Phase 8 : Computers in Montessori Classroom
  • Teaching Practice or Micro-teaching

    Admission and Support Services

    • Admission process at ACT is flexible and easy
    • Application form can be submitted
    • ACT's admission department will contact the candidates via mail or over phone
    • Course fee can be paid by using debit/credit card or by depositing cash, cheque or demand draft in ACT's bank account
    • Complete tutor support throughout the course.
    • Online videos and reference materials are additional support
    • Candidates can take their own time to learn and prepare
    • Queries can be emailed and the chatting option available between 10am and 6pm

    Job prospects

    With a considerable rise in the demand for Montessori teachers, the Advanced Montessori Teacher Training in Mumbai course will prove to be highly beneficial for those planning a Montessori career. This course prepares a teacher who can teach young students aged 0 - 5 years and can also choose preschool teaching and early childhood educator as their careers. Also, it readies the candidates to become Montessori curriculum developer, course coordinator and consultant associated with Montessori schools. Those wishing to set up their own Montessori schools can also opt for his. Moreover, anyone related to the Montessori education industry can apply for this course.

    Accreditation and Certification

    • The candidates will receive a globally recognized certificate from Asian College of Teachers.
    • All ACT courses are accredited by International Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (QAHE)
    • Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC) a member of British Quality Foundation, has accredited Asian College of Teachers (ACT)
    • The prestigious Education Quality Accreditation Commission (EQAC) has accredited Asian College of Teachers (ACT) that has met all the standards set by this Commission
    • ACT is an institutional member of Montessori Europe (ME)
    • ACT also has academic collaboration with Europass, the largest provider of Teacher Training Courses in Europe.
    • ACT is an organizational member of Childhood Education International (CEI)
    • All ACT courses are endorsed by NCC Education, an awarding organisation and a global provider of British education


Asian College of Teachers (ACT) undertakes a continuous review of its teacher training courses to ensure imparting high quality education. However, there might be circumstances outside of ACT’s control which might affect its stakeholders like if you are planning to teach in a different country, applying for a teaching license, pursuing higher studies or trying to get the certificate approved by the Ministry of Education (MoE) of a particular country then you can do so with the certificate issued by Asian College of Teachers (ACT). However, each country’s Ministry of Education (MoE) or educational bodies set certain standards that are indispensable for the pursuit of higher studies or teaching in schools in that country. So it can be a possibility that you may be able to use the certificate for higher studies or teaching purposes in one country and not in another. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you investigate thoroughly and check with the relevant authorities regarding the acceptance of the certificate issued by us before you enrol on a particular course. ACT strives to offer high-quality education and its certificates can be valuable for various purposes internationally, but still it is crucial for individuals to verify the specific recognition of the certificate in the country they intend to use it, especially for formal education or professional licensing purposes. This approach ensures that the stakeholders make informed decisions regarding their educational and career paths.