Master of Science in Innovative Education & Teaching (M.S.IET.)

The Master’s program is a collaborative effort by Asian College of Teachers and European International University for teaching professionals all around the world.

Course Overview

In academic collaboration with European International University (EIU), Asian College of Teachers brings to you Master of Science in Innovative Education & Teaching, a one-year skill based online Master’s degree course for teachersto develop your expertise in the field as you continue with your journey as a teacher. The course covers the essential areas of global teaching strategies and techniques and comprises of 6 months of Diploma program in Education, Teaching and Learning and the remaining 6 months to complete the Master’s program.
The first part of the course - Diploma program in Education, Teaching and Learning has been designed specially to ensure that our candidates meet the changing demands of the 21st century education sector - teaching and learning process in the international teaching segment and gain skill and expertise in new and innovative teaching strategies and gain adequate knowledge to create a balanced,learner friendly atmosphere while teaching today’s tech-savvy generation.
The second part of the course focuses on acquainting the candidates with different educational philosophies along with the various dimensions of learning. This part of the course focuses on lessons based on cognitive psychology and educational research (with an Action Research paper that you need to submit). After successfully completing the course, our candidates become eligible to receive the coveted certificate in Master of Science in Innovative Education & Teaching (M.S.IET.) from European International University.
Overall, it covers the key areas required for today’s 21st century teachers to possess in order to have a global career that one aspires for.

Eligibility and Course Fee

  • Bachelor’s degree is required for to become eligible for the Master degree
  • Candidates with 10+2 certificate is eligible to complete the Diploma part
  • Both aspiring as well as experienced teachers can apply
  • Course available in online learning mode
  • Course available at a reasonable price of 1,50,000 INR
  • Fee can be paid in easy instalments
  • Avail scholarship offer for meritorious students


Master of Science in Innovative Education & Teaching (M.S.IET.)

Admission and Support Services

  • Easy admission process
  • Application to be submitted online
  • Payment can be made online
  • Tutor support throughout the course
  • For any course related query/assistance you can email
  • Candidates can learn at their own pace
  • 100% on-campus and online placement assistance

Dual Certification

Candidates will get a Diploma in Education, Teaching and Learning after successfully completing the Diploma program, certified jointly by ACT & EIU. After completing the Master program, candidates will be eligible to proudly receive the Master degree certificate conferred by European International University (EIU).

Career Opportunities

With an internationally recognized certificate awarded by European International University, many new avenues in the international education job market will open their doors for you. You can expect to find opportunities as senior teachers/educators, head of institutions, head of the education management team, be a research scholar and many more in some of the best global educational institutions in the world. We also provide 100% placement opportunities valid till lifetime.