Online TEFL Courses

About the course

Asian College of Teachers is offering TEFL online courses for passionate teachers with a penchant for travelling. The courses are particularly designed for aspiring TEFL trainers or those already in the EFL/ESL teaching profession. Teaching aspirants enrolling in a TEFL course will gain a comprehensive idea about TEFL before they start their EFL/ESL career. The courses will impart basic and advanced English language teaching techniques and skills. TEFL guarantees professional development for the candidates with a globally recognized certificate and the candidate may look forward to a full-time teaching career with this certification.

TEFL Online Courses - Levels

Asian College of Teachers offers English teaching certificate online courses at various levels for aspiring and working professionals willing to take up EFL/ESL teaching as their chosen career. The courses aim at imparting skills to understand and handle students' individual needs and travel to exotic locations as efficient EFL/ESL trainers.

120 Hours of International TEFL Certificate Program

120 Hours of International TEFL Certificate Program is a short program that works towards improving your teaching skills and increasing your chances of getting a job as an English teacher abroad who is passionate about teaching and travelling. TEFL as a career is growing everyday giving rise to the need of certified EFL/ESL teachers. The certificate course focuses on all the techniques and methodologies required to enhance your teaching skills and increase your confidence as a teacher.

220 Hours of International TEFL Diploma Program

Act offers 220 hours of International TEFL Diploma course with an aim to provide training to both aspiring and experienced teachers who are looking to build a career in EFL/ESL teaching. The course will acquaint you with the various EFL/ESL teaching methods and the modern approaches that will prepare you to face a TEFL classroom with confidence. It will also provide you the chance to be a part of the international TEFL classrooms and motivate learners from different spheres of life.

280 Hours of TEFL Advanced Diploma Program

280 Hours of TEFL Advanced Diploma Program offered by ACT is a unique course providing a detailed curriculum for advanced learners who are looking to settle a career in TEFL/TESOL.The course can be pursued by both aspirants as well as experienced professionals who are interested in EFL/ESL teaching and wish to travel all over the world. Pursuing the course will open up several new opportunities for you to start your career as an English teacher all across the globe.

400 Hours of International P G Diploma in TEFL

400hrs of International PG Diploma in TEFL course offered by Asian College of Teachers has been developed to cater to the needs of the TEFL professionals who enhance their teaching skills and acquire the latest techniques and methodologies in the field of teaching and training and excel in it. The course acquaints the candidates with the finer nuances of teaching English as a Foreign Language and teaching methodologies, along with the knowledge on Train the Trainer, Education Management and Special Education.

500-hour International Advanced P G Diploma in TESOL/TEFL course

Asian College of Teachers has developed a 500-hour International Advanced P G Diploma in TESOL/TEFL course that offers students a comprehensive package on TEFL and related methodologies. This allows students to gain knowledge of various aspects of 21st century teaching, Business English Teachers Training, Young Learners Teachers Training, Education Management and Administration, Train the Trainer, and Special Education, in addition to the latest developments in the field of English language teaching.

In-Class TEFL Kerala

In Kerala, a state renowned for its stunning beaches, hill stations, backwaters, festivals, culture, and 100% literacy rate, Asian College of Teachers provides in-class TEFL courses. The three- week TEFL program will assist applicants with ACT in the stunning state of Kerala and educate them on English teaching practices.

In-Class TEFL Bangalore

In Bangalore, which is referred to as India's Silicon Valley because to its rapidly developing industry, increasing number of young professionals, and improving information technology, Asian College of Teachers provides In-Class TEFL courses. Candidates may acquire ESL/EFL teaching skills and build a solid TEFL profession with the help of the Bangalore TEFL course.

In-Class TEFL Kolkata

In Kolkata, sometimes referred to as the City of Joy and renowned for its culture, artists, literature, and literary greats, drama, and cinema, Asian College of Teachers provides in-class TEFL courses. The three-week in-class TEFL course in Kolkata will provide applicants the chance to experience teaching at nearby schools while also learning about the most recent approaches to teaching ESL or EFL.

In-Class TEFL Goa

Known for its beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, water sports, and festivals, Mumbai is the ideal destination for students to learn and travel at the same time as their In-Class TEFL course offered by Asian College of Teachers. Candidates can acquire ESL/EFL teaching techniques and excel in the TEFL teaching market by enrolling in the three-week TEFL program.

In-Class TEFL Bangkok

Bangkok, also referred to as the "City of Angels," is a city renowned for its vibrant nightlife, diverse cultural offerings, and breathtaking natural beauty. Asian College of Teachers provides In-Class TEFL courses there. Since Bangkok has a thriving tourism sector, applicants will get the chance to study TEFL teaching techniques while also taking a trip to the city.

In-Class TEFL Delhi

In Delhi, the capital of India and a popular tourist destination because to its rich historical, architectural, and archeological legacy, Asian College of Teachers provides in-class TEFL courses. In addition to learning cutting-edge and efficient TEFL teaching methods, candidates may spend three weeks seeing the ancient city and its surrounding areas.

In-Class TEFL Hyderabad

In Hyderabad, which is well-known for its educational establishments and is home to the offices of major technology corporations like Microsoft and Oracle, Asian College of Teachers provides in-class TEFL courses. Hyderabad is a good location for studying EFL or ESL teaching skills while concurrently exploring the multicultural city due to its combination of history and modern


In-Class TEFL Chennai

In Chennai, which is well-known for bending tradition and contemporary while showcasing rich Tamil culture, art, and the film industry, Asian College of Teachers provides in-class TEFL courses. The three-week in-class TEFL training will provide students with up-to-date TEFL teaching techniques and open doors for English teaching opportunities overseas.

In-Class TEFL Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, India's first Unesco Urban World Heritage Site, is well-known for its culture, architecture, museums, and cuisine. Asian College of Teachers provides in-class TEFL courses there. The three-week in-person TEFL training in the city will provide students with up-to-date TEFL teaching techniques and open doors for English teaching possibilities overseas.

In Class TEFL Chandigarh

Asian College of Teachers conducts in-class TEFL courses in Chandigarh, a union territory of India that combines the flavours of Punjab and Haryana. The three-week in-class TEFL training will provide students with up-to-date TEFL teaching techniques and open doors for English teaching opportunities overseas.

Eligibility and Course Fee

  • 10+2 to Bachelor’s degree is all the required criteria for enrolling in the course.
  • The course has been designed according to the needs of both aspiring and experienced TEFLers.
  • Candidates must possess basic computer skills along with a stable internet connection.
Course Name
Course fee
120 Hours Certificate in TEFL
Proficiency in written and Spoken English
4 months
14,500 INR ( * 18% GST as applicable )
220 Hours Diploma in TEFL
8 month
23,000 INR( * 18% GST as applicable )
280 Hours Advanced Diploma in TEFL
12 month
29,500 INR ( * 18% GST as applicable )
400 Hours Post Graduate Diploma in TEFL
Bachelor’s degree
1.5 years
39,000 INR ( * 18% GST as applicable)
500 hours International Advanced Post Graduate Diploma in TEFL/TESOL
Bachelor’s Degree
1.5 years
39,000 INR ( * 18% GST as applicable)

Teaching and Learning Modes

  • The courses are available in an online mode.
  • Basic computer knowledge and internet connection is required to pursue the course.
  • Online courses can be availed from any part of the world
  • Courses can also be pursued in fast track modes

Admission and Support Services

  • ACT's admission process is quite easy and compliant.
  • You need to submit an online application form
  • ACT's admission department will contact the candidates via mail or over phone
  • Any form of payment method can be opted (by using debit/credit card or by depositing cash, cheque or demand draft in ACT's bank account)
  • Courses are always accompanied by experienced and accomplished tutors.
  • Additional support of online videos and reference materials are given
  • Candidates may learn at their own pace.
  • Queries can be emailed or discussed over the phone between 10 am - 6 pm.

Job Opportunities

Accredited online TESOL certification programs provide the candidates with an internationally accepted certificate and along with gives ample opportunities to build their teaching career abroad as an EFL/ESL teacher. The Middle East is another region where one can find plenty of EFL jobs. The Gulf countries are also showing a promising prospect in EFL teaching in a number of institutes.

However, even Asian countries are not lagging behind and are looking for certified and experienced teachers. Thailand remains a preferred location by aspiring EFL/ESL teachers. Countries like South Korea and Vietnam are also in line while hiring TEFL certified teachers as the demand for learning the language increases.Among the other destinations in Asia, also making its place among the top places for TEFL job opportunities are: China, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Taiwan.

Accreditation and Certification

  • ACT TEFL courses are accredited by the world's largest TESOL accreditation body TESOL Canada & TESOL USA.
  • ASIC is recognised by UKVI in UK and is a full member of The International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE), is a member of the BQF (British Quality Foundation) and are institutional members of EDEN (European Distance and E-Learning Network).
  • All TEFL courses are accredited by International Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (QAHE)
  • TEFL Courses from ACT are also accredited by CPD Certification Service UK
  • All ACT courses are endorsed by NCC, an awarding organisation and a global provider of British education

Degree Programs

A variety of online degree programs, including bachelor's and master's degrees as well as professional doctorates in education, are offered by Asian College of Teachers (ACT) in academic partnership with European International University (EIU-Paris). These accelerated degree programs promote a profound grasp of creative techniques and innovative teaching, with the goal of empowering individuals. Through thorough learning experiences, the goal is to empower people to achieve in both their chosen sectors of business and classrooms. Take a look at our degree programs for an amazing educational experience.

Bachelor of Education Courses

The B. Ed. the Pre and Primary Education program is designed for those who want to learn a great deal about teaching a variety of pre- and primary-age students.

The B. Ed. the Early Childhood Education program is intended to familiarize teachers with a range of child development subjects in order to support the overall development of younger students.

The goal of the B. Ed. in Primary and Secondary Education program is to provide trainees with the skills necessary to teach children in elementary and secondary schools, ages 5 to 18.

The highly sought-after B. Ed in TESOL course will familiarize students with the approaches to teaching English to learners from a variety of backgrounds.

The B. Ed. the SEN program prepares candidates for a variety of positions with special needs children by equipping them with solid understanding about teaching in inclusive classrooms.

Master of Arts In Education Course

The goal of the MA in Teaching program is to familiarize trainees with modern teaching approaches so they may implement fresh ideas into the classrooms of today. Candidates for an MA in Education with Leadership and Administration will benefit from receiving in-depth instruction in the theories and principles of leadership in educational environments.

The Master of Arts in Education with Early Childhood Studies is an additional advanced course that offers comprehensive insights into education with an emphasis on the holistic development of young learners.

The Master of Arts in Education with Pre- and Primary Teaching emphasizes the proper methods of pre- and primary education while providing a greater grasp of modern teaching.

Aspirants to the MA in Education with Teaching Technology program will gain knowledge of modern teaching methods with an emphasis on using technology to instruct today's digital learners.

Candidates for the MA in Education with Learning and Development program are introduced to corporate training specialists' preferred process training techniques in addition to teaching strategies.

With an emphasis on the various facets of teaching English as a second language, the MA in Education with TESOL program aims to familiarize candidates with modern teaching methodologies.

Candidates for the MA in Education with Early Childhood and Special Education program are introduced to a variety of teaching philosophies, with an emphasis on developing strategies for early learners and children with special needs.

A more advanced program, such as the Integrated Master's and Professional Doctorate in Education, targets professionals and aspirants seeking to develop their careers faster than with regular Master's and Doctoral degrees by offering greater qualifications.

Professional Doctorate

Six doctoral programs make up the Professional doctoral in Education, which aims to assist candidates in advancing their professional knowledge and career prospects.

  • Professional Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction
  • Professional Doctorate in Education
  • Professional Doctorate in Education Administration & Leadership
  • Professional Doctorate in Educational Psychology
  • Professional Doctorate in Special Education
  • Professional Doctorate in Teaching
  • Professional Doctorate in Learning & Development
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