Every parent in India has always been known to be highly involved in their children's education. But of late, they are seeking more than just academic excellence from schools. They want their children to be well-equipped to face the challenges of the real world and emerge as responsible citizens.

Moreover, to achieve this, they are demanding more attention be paid to students' overall development, including their social and emotional well-being in every School management system in India.

Parents feel that with the fast-paced lifestyle and mounting academic pressure, children are struggling to cope. They are unable to handle relationships, be it with peers or elders. As a result, they are facing problems like depression, anxiety, and aggression.

They feel the school management system should do more to address these issues and help children deal with them effectively. They should also counselling and guidance to parents on how to deal with such issues.

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Now, without any delay let’s get to know everything about how you can put more attention to understanding student's needs which will lead to satisfying the parent's demands.

Why do parents seek more attention to student’s overall development?

Parents believe that the current education system does not address the overall development of the students. It is solely focused on academic excellence, which is not enough for children to grow into confident individuals.

In such a situation, parents are worried about their children’s future and encourage schools to give more attention to the student’s overall development. This includes helping them with social, emotional, and behavioural issues. Such skills are extremely important for a child to be successful in life.

By focusing more on these aspects, parents feel that their children can develop strong leadership and communication skills, which is essential in today’s competitive world. Schools should also provide guidance and counselling to children as well as parents, to help them cope with the challenges of life and make informed decisions.

What can be done to improve the current education system?

There are many ways in which school leaders can bring improvement in their school development system. Some of these are:

  • Providing adequate resources: School management should ensure that there are adequate resources available to students, such as books, stationery, classrooms, etc. This will help them to focus on their studies and not feel discouraged.
  • Hiring qualified teachers: School management should ensure that all the teachers hired are qualified and have the necessary experience. This will help students get the best education possible.
  • Creating a positive environment: School management should create a positive environment in the school, where students feel comfortable and are able to learn effectively. This can be done by providing a safe and welcoming environment, as well as encouraging positive relationships between students and staff.
  • Encouraging discipline: School management should encourage students to be disciplined by applying this method:

           - Establishing clear rules and consequences for bad behaviour

           - Modelling good behaviour for students

           -Encouraging positive behaviour with rewards and praise

           - Addressing bad behaviour promptly and consistently

  • Counselling Services availability: Every school management system should ensure that students have access to effective counselling services. This can be done by working with experienced counsellors and by providing training for staff on how to identify and support students who may be struggling with their mental health.

The Role of Parents in Education

The ultimate goal of every parent is to ensure that his or her child gets a quality education and is able to perform well in life. Recently, according to UNICEF in a global survey published in June 2022, found that parents aren’t able to take care of their children properly due to the uncertainty and stress in their personal lives. Their emotional and professional hurdles make it harder for them to look after their children’s problems. Source- freepressjournal.in

Parents need to realize that it is not just the school’s responsibility to ensure that their wards reach their fullest potential. Parents need to know that in order to give their children the best education, they must be involved in the process. They should take the initiative to involve themselves in their child’s schooling and be an active participant in the discussions around their child’s learning needs.

Parents must also provide the moral and emotional support that their children need and cultivate a positive relationship, in order to help them with their stress and anxieties. Moreover, parents should maintain open communication with their children and with the school and support them in their decisions.

To Wrap Things Up

Every parent is looking for more than just academic excellence from the schools. They believe that the school management system in India should focus on the overall development of the students, including their social and emotional well-being. For this, they are asking the schools to focus more on providing counselling services, helping students cope with behavioural issues, and providing them with the right environment to develop their skills.

Apart from this, it is also the duty of parents to involve themselves in their child’s education and be their moral and emotional guide. They should also ensure that their wards receive the right support and encouragement required to perform well in life.

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Written By : Abhishek