We are sure that you must have heard about the recent Maharashtra TET scam. Sticking to the uproar surrounding avid reports of his two daughters, whose names flashed in the long list of names debarred by the Maharashtra State Council of Examination (MSCE) for their alleged involvement in the Teachers Eligibility Test (TET) scam, Shiva Sena rebel group MLA Abdul Sattar from Aurangabad was inducted in the Maharashtra cabinet.It is said that Maharashtra Teacher Eligibility Test Scam is one of the most talked about. 

The inception of TET scam hit the limelight during a thorough investigation into the ongoing malpractices in other recruitment exams, notedly the paper leak case in the group D employee recruitment of the Maharashtra Public Health Department, that has been held in October 2021.

What Happened In Maharashtra Teacher Eligibility Test Scam?

After a First Information Report (FIR) was seriously registered by the Pune Cyber Crime Police in November 2021, the investigation started opening up on a solid network and beyond of corrupt practices in the government recruitment exams, which had many government officials and touts included in it. 

More over even though there are no cases of paper leaks in the TET scam, it included unethical and unparliamentary practices such as changing marks, or the issue of fake certificates etc. Regarding the in-depth investigation the Pune Police prepared a detailed list of 7,880 candidates those were undoubtedly suspected having indulged in utter wrongful means to secure the TET qualifications. 

Moving forward, this detailed listthen was handed over to the MSCE to cross check the total results of the candidates. Lastly going forward the MSCE issued a total list of all the entire database of candidates in the form of a 480-page letter having their full names and seating numbers.

If one goes by the ongoing and brewing news reports then a sum total of 7,880 candidates were disqualified and also banned in connection with the alleged rigging in the case. TET is a mandatory qualification criterion for teachers’ recruitment under the Right to Education (RTE) Act.

This particular Act was therefore implemented in the State of Maharashtra from 2013 – the same year when TET was actually made mandatory for all teachers’ appointments in the state from Classes I to VIII.

It so happened that while those of whom wanting to apply for teaching jobs for Classes I to V had to clear paper I of the TET, those wanting to apply to reach Classes V to VIII needed to clear paper II. A typical candidate had to score at least 60% to all clear the TET. The passing percentage that was recorded is usually much less than 10% as per regular reports.

According to the reports, he allegedly mal practiced in the November of 2020, and TET came tolight during the investigation of paper leak in the Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) examination. In the connection to the same case six people were arrested.

What Happened Next?

Reportedly the Pune Police has uncovered during the investigation that the marks of over 7,800 candidates were fraudulently changed as per requirement or tampered with in the 2019-2020 TET.

IAS officer Sushil Khodwekar, Tukaram Supe, Commissioner of the Maharashtra State Council of Examinations (MSCE), Pritesh Deshmukh, director of G A Software, the firm which was notedly responsible for conducting examinations, and Abhishek Sawrikar, a consultant with the education department, were all arrested.

All these uniformed officials were accused of taking bribes and helping the applicants pass the Teacher Eligibility Test (TET).

The Pune cyber cell had submitted a 3995-page chargesheet that was against 15 people including Supe. During the raid at Supe’s residence, policeseized Rs. 2 crore cash and gold jewellery too.

Namely police inspector Kumar Ghadge of Cyber police openly stated in January that over Rs 4 crore, golden ornaments and other of the documents that is related to the fixed deposits have been correctly recovered in the case. Taking a huge dig before the Cabinet expansion, senior Congress leader Prithviraj Chavan did state that Sattar could perhaps be a choice for the state’s education minister.

But it is important to mention that Shiv Sena MLC Ambadas Danve had demanded an inquiry into Sattar.

The then chief minister Shivajirao Patil Nilangekar had long resigned from his post when anofficial matter on similar lines came to light. But seemingly now people like Sattar are lobbying for some of the large portfolios. The Maharashtra Chief Minister (Eknath Shinde) is encouraging people like Sattar. 

In conclusion of the matter ideally this is quite a serious issue and the full and final role of Abdul Sattar should be checked in the TET. Chandrakant Khaire, a former Aurangabad MP and the Thackeray loyalist also wilfully stated that if Sattar is not guilty then he should actually remain silent.If you are also planning to start your teaching career in Maharashtra, consider Teachers Training Courses in Mumbai.

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Written By : Ashwini Chandra